Simply Musing


Simply Musing

This is the area of my blog where I will journal thoughts and ideas and small stories as they come to me. It may be raw, it will be unedited, it will be raw, it will be authentic, it will come from the heart. I hope it connects with yours, which it will sometimes, but other times may miss your mark….but that’s ok. If it connects I am glad, if it doesn’t it cements your thoughts. It may be a meandering brook as it winds its way through my thought structure or it may be as subtle as a brick dropped from heights that falls in front of where you are. Shocked to the core and ready to take action.

Simply Musing Coach Curl

Stop Leaving Your Gifts to Turn to Dust.

There are more songs buried unsung in cemeteries than have ever been recorded throughout history. We mourn those who share their gifts with the world, yet I mourn for all those gifts, ideas, songs, book, inventions that reside forever untouched in our graveyards. Your dream, Your gift is something to share. You owe it to …

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Simply Musing Coach Curl

I wonder…..?

I often wonder what would happen if we all just stopped. That we consciously stop all the hustle, all the grind, all the quest for bullshit business grandiose, all the shit of the beachside business ideal that the majority must find so appealing. That we chose to stop the relentless pursuit of power and manipulation, …

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Simply Musing Coach Curl

Eyes Averted

My morning walk with Sharon, in the city we love and live in, Brisbane, Queensland. We usually walk by the water around our home suburbs, we venture to the city and other places on weekends to broaden our view of the world. It’s different in the city. Walking along Southbank, across the bridges that straddle …

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