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Tony has always been a communicator. His keynote addresses will motivate and inspire your teams offering you great value and insight, aligning strongly with better leadership principles.

Tony Curl - Professional Speaker, Brisbane, Australia Engaging and Insightful

Authentic And Engaging Story Teller

Tony’s caring and considered nature ensures that each and every audience is provided with takeaways and strategies to live a greater life. He has crafted his message and shares unconditionally. Whether it is an audience of 700 leadership coaches in Orlando, Florida, or a graduating college class, his message is heartfelt and personal and delivers outstanding value.

Tony's Keynotes

Keeping promises to yourself is hard, the Four Pillars give you the framework to commit to your success.

Are you sick of just not getting ahead? Sick of seemingly not getting the life that you deserve? Feeling stuck, unmotivated and just tired.Success lies within us and there are five truths that will help you attain success

Don’t accept your current reality as a reason not to chase your dreams. On your deathbed, you won’t be lying there wishing you had given more to that 9 to 5 job.

A simple visit to a sports masseuse helped Tony build the concept of “The Anatomy of a Leader”. The core of your leadership is built on your character and is central to who you are and how you lead

Can you beat the odds? Team engagement statistics indicate that if you aren’t already leading a team that is disengaged, you will at some time. Statistics show that generally our workforce engagement sits between 19-25%. The odds are against you

Mixing real insight and personal stories with subtle touches of humour, Tony provides awareness to executives and owners of the signs to watch for to help them develop stronger engagement and performance within their teams.

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"Tony's presentation was totally engaging, progressed organically and presented information that was relevant and memorable." - Bronwyn Ritchie, Pivotal Points Consulting.

Tony in Action

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