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Eyes Averted

My morning walk with Sharon, in the city we love and live in, Brisbane, Queensland. We usually walk by the water around our home suburbs, we venture to the city and other places on weekends to broaden our view of the world. It’s different in the city. Walking along Southbank, across the bridges that straddle our river, I am feeling happy and fulfilled. Walking with the one I love, in a city love with a view to cherish puts me in a place of sharing my happiness and joy. Around our normal walks, a good morning, a good-day, a play with a dog, a smile a good nature chuckle are just par for the course. We share our smiles, we share our joy. In the city is different. More self-absorbed, more conscious of averting eye contact. I willingly looked for eye-contact when we were coming up to others and only a few responded. Eyes averted, engrossed in self. Understanding the world is what we make it, what we perceive it to be. I was filled with joy and was happy to share, bur felt unable to do so. Will it stop me in the future…HELL NO. Why are we so self-absorbed? Why are we so self-conscious? Accepting a smile from someone that wants to give it should brighten your day. Be happy with that thought, that someone felt enough care to share what was in their heart at the time. What are you looking for on the ground anyway? Lift your head, Ok pump your music up if need be, but share that experience with who you come into contact with. Try it, you might like it.

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