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Empowered living is what we all strive for. Tony is known as Australia’s Empowerment Coach. In alliance with some of the greatest empowerment figures around the world, Tony brings his own thoughts and experiences to his studies and research. He provides value to people around the world with his dailyfuel.

Self Esteem

Self Esteem Without Competence is a Recipe for Failure

For the longest time educational policymakers bought into the idea of self-esteem. Boosting esteem by encouraging and rewarding participation. Please understand that self-esteem is a good thing. Nobody’s disputing that. However, according to this educational policy philosophy, for students to perform well in life, they need to have their self-esteem built up and encouraged early …

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Congratulations: You have Resistance

I hear it all the time. “How can I be the best me? I have so many things against me, Tony. You don’t understand what I’ve been through/going through/my family/ my partner/my work/my responsibility/ my stress/ the pressure/ my life……………………….” Congratulations, you have resistance. What? Congratulations, you have resistance. Why is that congratulations? It means …

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accepting failure

The Steps to Accepting Failure on the Journey to Success

Failure is a constant discussion point today, with the belief that failure must be embraced for us to succeed. A productive relationship with failure is important, but it’s in our deep-seated conditioning that is our greatest challenge to our ultimate success. It’s how we view failure that determines how effective we can be. Everybody has …

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motivation and purpose

Lose Your Sense of Purpose : Lose Your Motivation

I often get asked how to develop motivation that is unstoppable. In discovery sessions with potential clients, the topic of motivation comes up. People feel like they have lost motivation in what they do, the jobs they have and the relationships they have. However, I point out that motivation can be a fleeting thing and …

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#106 Mindset – Keeping the Dream Real

Mindset — Keeping the Dream Real. John Maxwell wrote the definitive book on dreams in “Putting Your Dream to the Test” and after working through this with my Academy Facebook Members group, I share some of the insights gained. Usually, we have a fantasy element attached to our dreams and if we can follow a …

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