Strengthening Self Leadership
Guiding leaders in being the best leader they can be.
Staying Relevant
Helping leaders rock the boat while steering the ship in today's disruptive business world
Building Effective Teams
Building Effective teams at all levels

How I Help Leaders

Before you can effectively lead others, you must learn to lead yourself. Leadership is not a one size fits all. Self awareness is critical for leaders to develop and to build a foundation of success from.

Self awareness helps leaders role model the behaviours and standards for the team. They set the standard and raise the bar on performance and results.  Self awareness drives self-regulation and allows leaders to lead intentionally

Understanding effective use of leadership styles helps managers achieve greater effectiveness of themselves and their teams. A leaders journey starts with self-leadership and I am excited to work with leaders embarking on their development journey.

Good leaders create the team they want from the team they have. They don’t allow their teams simply to form, they invest their leadership skillset to build teams that function and perform at high levels.

Creating team purpose that aligns with company strategy, while setting individual goals that align with team goals are important steps leaders take to build high performing teams.

Creating deep trust and rapport allows good leaders to strengthen their team by identifying individual team member strengths  and ensuring they are playing in the best positions for the team. I would love to help your leaders build great performing teams.

Staying relevant in the disruptive business world of today is another critical aspect of great leadership. Disruption is an external circumstance when innovation is not fostered internally. I helps leader challenge the status quo and “the way we have always done things” and to foster an environment where ideas are encouraged. The highways of business are littered with businesses who did not stay relevant. My leaders flourish in today’s world, as they embrace opportunity and have a productive relationship with potential failure.

Developing the courage within their teams to embrace innovation and continuous improvement is vital for managers working today. Intentionally creating a culture of innovation is one of the key hallmarks of successful companies. Can I help your leaders keep their heads in the game and build the culture needed to remain relevant?


Front line and first time leaders are often thrust into roles managing others, with very little training on leading and managing people. I work with front-line leaders to increase effectiveness and results by focusing on some critical aspects of management.

Time Management, Performance Management, Communication and Conflict Management form the cornerstone of the skillset front line leaders need. I share best practice methodolgy in these areas (and more), work with them in developing action plans and hold them accountable for achievement of their plans.

Frontline leaders can become more effective with their teams and results. I love helping the get their.

Leaders with high level of emotional intelligence perform better and have greater potential to attain higher levels and roles. It is so important that managers not only understand emotional intelligence, but have the capacity to deliver.

Focusing on the four key components – Self Awareness, Self Management, Social Awareness and Social Skills, allows managers to connect with their team members and others at all levels. Leaders with high levels of emotional intelligence lead effectively even with people with poor levels of EQ. They have the ability to connect with people at all levels, and with that comes influence and trust, the two biggest hallmarks for leadership. Working authentically, I build relational trust with leaders to help them build these important capabilities.

Certified by the Best

Tony is a certified member of the John Maxwell Team. John is acknowledged as the number one expert in the world on leadership. Tony is also fueled by the teachings of Steve Maraboli, and has a continuing thirst of neuroscience, psychology and human behaviour, which enables hims to stay relevant today and in the future.
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