A Better Today…A Better Tomorrow


It’s time for A Better Today ……Australia.

I have been a bit quiet of late with the CoachCurl blog updates as the work from a couple of projects come into their final stages. Looking for a better today? Just to give you an update on what has and continues to happen.

  • Carter’s Cause a not-for-profit raising  funds to support the work done by Heartkids for children born with congenital heart disease
  • Started work on A Better Today Australia and continued the process for looking for empowering and inspiring poets and writers here in Australia. Visit the site here.
  • The book I have written to support Carter’s Cause is feeling like it can be finished. I am really looking forward to see my first published book available and going for a great cause.
  • Announcing a major international speaker for the October 14 lunch of Carter’s Cause on May 26. This is an incredibly exciting announcement.

So sincere apologies for not maintaining the daily aspects of CoachCurl. It will return to some normality next week and I hope that you check out my Daily Fuel pages which highlight my social media feeds.

Exciting times ahead and I am glad you’re here for the ride. Together we can certainly make a better today and by doing so, create a better tomorrow.

Tony Curl


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