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There will come a day where I shall live only in the hearts and minds of those that knew me.How I live today and everyday will determine the memoryTW

Tony will add some of his daily picture quotes onto this thread. Hope you enjoy.

Saturday Seuss #6 Coach Curl

Saturday Seuss #8

Being crazy isn’t enough. The world belongs to the ones crazy enough to believe they can chase their greatest dreams and disciplined enough to get it done. Tony Curl – CoachCurl tonycurl.com

Saturday Seuss #6 Coach Curl

Saturday Seuss #6

Saturday Seuss #6 The more that you read, the more that you know, the more that you know the further you will go. Dr. Seuss I am always reminded with this quote. The ones that choose not to read have no advantage of the ones that cannot read.   Tony Curl Empowerment Coach www.tonycurl.com

Dream It, Design It, Do It

Stop Discounting Your Dream

Stop Discounting your Dream. Too many bargain down their own goals, their own dreams their own desired lifestyles. Stop bargaining your dreams down. Your life dreams and goals are a premium product, stop looking for them in a bargain shop. You have to pay the price, but they are worth it.

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