Increasingly Influential

Increasingly influential.

I do what I do. My aim is to simply give others hope and inspiration to change their world for the better. This year promises to be a big year with multiple projects planned and exciting news. All up awesome, and I get such a kick out of seeing my quotes and stories shared as that truly means they resonate with people. I call it increasingly, influential. So what does this mean? This year I have seen the following happen with my work.

  • I am now published on multiple platforms across the world, my favourite is A Better Today Media.
  • I have had my words picture quoted by a leading international leadership author. He even turned my words into a picture quote.
  • I have been my reviews on their books published in the books themselves for two leadership authors.
  • I have been highlighted as quoting her words, by another leading international author.
  • I have 23 of my quotes produced into picture quotes on another site for sharing. I chose the one with fluffy cats as the feature image for this article.
  • One of my quotes have even found their way onto a coffee mug, t-shirt, pillow case range of merchandise. (Not sure how I feel about this)
increasingly influential - tony curl
quoted for quoting others

Don’t allow your slow journey to stop you. Whatever it is that you want in your life keep striving for it. You goal will become increasingly clearer as you move closer.

My goal is to influence others to change their lives for the better. I want my words and stories to mean something. I get excited seeing my words shared around the world which tells me others find them empowering.

Your goal awaits. Do not be discouraged by slow progress. Progress is progress. If you are taking steps towards your goal, you are not moving away from it.

While I am slightly bemused by some of this, it is clear that I am becomingly Increasingly influential. You Can Make it happen.


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