The articles in Mindshift focus around shifting and aligning your mindset to your greatest potential and to the best version of you.

Everybody Moves, Everybody Changes.

People either embrace or react to change. We embrace change when we push forward for ourselves, and we react when change is forced upon us. Most of us live within a comfort zone and don’t look for change ourselves usually. And when we don’t drive change for ourselves, because change is inevitable and part of …

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The 3C’s Part 2 – Comfort

When we CRAVE CERTAINTY, WE CREATE COMFORT. Comfort is the enemy of growth, desire and motivation. We all know couples who have gotten comfortable in their relationship; they put on weight, They stop trying for each other and themselves. They get comfortable. We get comfortable in our jobs, we learn what we need to do to …

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Dream It, Design It, Do It

Turning Impossible into I’m Possible

I have often listened to others who have told me that things were impossible. That self-doubt, self-talk and listening to others has meant that I haven’t been or done everything that I have wanted to do. But no More. Tomorrow, I jump on a plane to Orlando, Florida to attend a three day Live Certification …

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New Directions:NOW

Are you paralysed by perfection? Waiting until the time is right to move into something new? Are you paralysed by fear? Perception? The time is NEVER right, BUT the time is perfect to make that change you want to. The Mindeset is now, the time is now. Fix your clock to NOW time and reap the benefits.


Destiny: Hollywood loves the concept of Destiny, and many others live lives paralysed by the concept of destiny, as they await their destiny. William Shakespeare said “Its not in the stars that holds Destiny, it is in ourselves” What are you doing today to fulfil your potential? What is your personal plan to fulfil your destiny? Don’t wait for destiny, don’t …

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