The 3C’s Part 2 – Comfort

When we CRAVE CERTAINTY, WE CREATE COMFORT. Comfort is the enemy of growth, desire and motivation.

We all know couples who have gotten comfortable in their relationship; they put on weight, They stop trying for each other and themselves. They get comfortable.

We get comfortable in our jobs, we learn what we need to do to stay out of trouble. The stretch, the challenge that was there, ……..goes. And we get caught in the mundane. We aim for average.

Comfort is different things to different people. The threat and stress of change, cannot  compete with comfort.We get confused when we  see people who stay in destructive relationships,
we see couples that stay together for the kids, even though they have grown apart …these people have found a level of comfort in their situation…it’s what they know. And Change is more frightening. They get comfortable.

Growth and learning occurs outside of our comfort zone. For most we are firmly entrenched within.

Abraham Maslow said  “we step forward to growth, or step backwards to safety”  Sadly most of us step back. The fear of the new, overwhelms us and we retreat to comfort.


Author – Tony Curl

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