Everybody Moves, Everybody Changes.

People either embrace or react to change. We embrace change when we push forward for ourselves, and we react when change is forced upon us. Most of us live within a comfort zone and don’t look for change ourselves usually. And when we don’t drive change for ourselves, because change is inevitable and part of the natural theme of the universe, it will be forced upon us by others or by circumstances. And we react to it…and usually poorly.

It reminds me of one of my favourite songs from Australian Band Died Pretty. In it Ron Peno sings about……Everybody Moves…Everybody Changes. Everybody Moves away from me.

So I ask you, do you push for change, or do you react to change when it’s forced upon you.
This song is an Australian Classic and gets covered by a number of artists
Three versions of this song appear below. Enjoy.

Tony Curl

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