Solace, Solitude and Reflection

I went surfing this morning…. Now like everyone, I have had some tough times in my life and surfing has always been a solace for me. Time to hang the feet over the side of the board, sit, reflect, rely on instinct to catch some waves and enjoy some ME time.

Its fair to say, that this time has also kept me going during those rough spots that come up in life. Instinct and living in the now are the things that allow me to get focus, and get away from any problems. Peering over the edge of a peeling four foot left hander, is not the time to think !!

So I come back to this morning, at my favourite spot at Tugan on the Gold Coast. Itching to get into the water, as I have been busy laying down plans for an amazing 2013….the time on the water, again had the same process as before. Instead of my mind whirling through all the plans, excitement, travel and new business ventures that I’m facing up to, the water again had a calming effect as I plonked the feet over the side of the board, sat, reflected and used my instinct to catch a few waves and have some fun. I lived the now….lived the present moment…..took some time out……

2013, does present some exciting times and I need to plan and prepare. But sometimes, It’s good to live the moment, rely on instinct and refresh…….I have my spot. Where is your place?

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