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Empowered living is what we all strive for. Tony is known as Australia’s Empowerment Coach. In alliance with some of the greatest empowerment figures around the world, Tony brings his own thoughts and experiences to his studies and research. He provides value to people around the world with his dailyfuel.

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Excuses, Entitlement or Empowerment. Which do you Choose?

Too many people today live in a world of excuses and entitlement. The excuses they tell themselves and the entitlement they believe they have because others have things better then them. Many people sit on their hands and have wishes for a better life, but are unwilling to make the decisive step forward because of …

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Everybody Moves, Everybody Changes.

People either embrace or react to change. We embrace change when we push forward for ourselves, and we react when change is forced upon us. Most of us live within a comfort zone and don’t look for change ourselves usually. And when we don’t drive change for ourselves, because change is inevitable and part of …

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M-brace Life, Move, Motivate, Mobilise!

When you are surrounded by Motivated people, It’s not difficult  to go with the tide. I spent my weekend with an amazing group of people who have personally transformed their lives by losing weight through the Bodytrim program. I was privileged to be there as an official mentor for the challenge winners and came away …

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The 3C’s – Part 3 Complacency

Certainty, Comfort, Complacency     We Crave Certainty, we Create Comfort and ultimately Cause Complacency. Because when we get comfortable, we get lazy. We take shortcuts, we don’t take due care. We operate as automatic drones as we endure life. In effect, we stop living….we just haven’t made it official. The world today mass produces …

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The 3C’s Part 2 – Comfort

When we CRAVE CERTAINTY, WE CREATE COMFORT. Comfort is the enemy of growth, desire and motivation. We all know couples who have gotten comfortable in their relationship; they put on weight, They stop trying for each other and themselves. They get comfortable. We get comfortable in our jobs, we learn what we need to do to …

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