Transformation Stories

This weekend I fly into Sydney to be a mentor for a group of champions undergoing personal and physical transformation for the Annual Bodytrim challenge. It’s a company that I am proud to be associated with as it was their program that enabled me to start my own personal transformation and my journey since.

I am looking forward to hearing the stories from the challengers as I know they will be inspiring, motivating and celebratory.

So what’s your story? Are you the hero? Do you have something that will inspire others? Does your story feel celebratory?

You have the power to choose your own story. If you don’t like the TV show that is your life, you need to change the program. Fiddling with the colours and the brightness won’t make it any better. You need to change that program. So, get off the couch….vision your success and make it happen. We can all do it.

Tony Curl
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