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The Legacy Of Carter


At times, we grasp for answers. Stuff happens that defies logic. Recently, close friends of ours lost their first born son at just 4 weeks.  Carter Desmond, came into this world, and fought every day for his short life. In any way we look at the world, this is just unfair. The amazing support from family and friends was overwhelming, and it would be a fair assertion that everyone were looking for answers. 
Was their answers?
Pastor John, who conducted the service, spoke well and re-assured all there that Carter was now in the arms of the lord and was safe. Family members spoke about the special love that the parents had bestowed upon Carter and that Carter had only known love in his short time on earth.

All of which was true. It comforted us all. 
It is a shame that we often only learn in times of crisis. 
Carter fought for 4 weeks. Every day he fought to survive. He fought infection, he fought through surgery, but most of all he fought for those basic fundamentals of life, that we just take for granted. He fought to live, and we need to ask ourselves the question “Are we fighting to live?”
The stoic support from family and friends was another lesson. Wide eyed, unconditional love and support was evident and clear. And the courage shown by the young couple was inspiring.
The Legacy from Carter.
  • ·         Live life to the fullest. Maximise my potential. Don’t take the basics of life for granted.


  • ·         Love my friends and family unconditionally


  • ·         Chase my dreams.
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