Daring to Be

Daring to Be is About Having Confidence

In life, Steve Maraboli challenges us to Dare to Be. Daring to be living a life of our greatest dreams and aspirations is one we all aspire to. But daring to live our best life, is founded on our own self-confidence. What does it take for you to be more self-confident?

If you ask several people what it means to be confident, you’ll likely get a wide variety of answers. People have visions in their head about what confidence means and often it is attributable to a type of person. Some may believe that confidence comes from physical attributes. What do you think when the term comes to mind? Daring to be the best we can, is bred from confidence.

Once we step outside of our preconceived notions of what confidence is, we become aware that it is bred from our own attitudes and convictions. And in every way, we can choose to build our levels of self-confidence to become more daring to embrace life.

Confidence is also about repetition. For instance, if you continually use affirmations about yourself, your confidence is likely to increase over time. The key is to use them consistently. Just as our sportspeople use repetition to build skills and muscle memory, so can you to build skills in confidence and daring.

Confidence becomes a type of feedback loop. When you become more confident, people will latch onto that and react in a positive way. This reinforces what you have done and you will continue to do it.

While confidence is a good trait to have, it’s important not to overdo it. You don’t want to come across as cocky and conceited. This will turn people off and your efforts to be more confident will be shunted.

It does take some daring to be confident because it’s easier not to be this way. When we gain confidence, it may require that your actions take you outside your comfort zone. It may even bring you to taking stands that are not popular and maybe controversial. You want to be liked, but sometimes confidence allows us to do the right thing, even if everyone won’t be happy about it.

What you will find as you gain your confidence is you’ll dare to live a better life. Make no mistakes, your life will change. People will be more drawn to you and you will get more done with their help. You will also get what you want more often. It’s exciting and scary at the same time. But, it will be satisfying in the long run.

There will be some people that try to bring you down. When people recognize that you are confident, it has the potential to threaten their world. Your confidence may cause them to step outside their own comfort zone and not everyone is ready for that. However, you have to live your own life and not worry too much if those people are affected by your changes.

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