Powerful Way in Breaking Bad Habits on Trish Jenkins

How do you break the shackles of whatever is holding you back? What bad habits have you accepted in your life that are creating stagnancy and mundanity in your life. What are these bad habits costing you in pursuit of the best version of you

It was a real joy being interviewed on Trish TV The Shift and Lift Mindset Show, where we spoke about the process and tools I use to help people break the habits that hold them back. This was such an invigorating conversation and one that provides advice, hacks, and tips on how to move forward to being the very best YOU!

Often we just feel stuck, and cannot be convinced on any way forward. We drift along, accept our bad habits and behaviors as a simple cost of doing us. There is another way. That other way is one that acknowledges where we are, the story we tell ourselves, and the environment we reside in.

What does the world look like to you?

Bad Habits

How Can I Help You

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