Trust is the Foundation of Everything Great

Trust is the foundation of everything that is great in your life.

Think about it. Your relationship, your career, your business. If it is great in your life, it has been built on a foundation of trust. Conversely, if it isn’t great, that is true as well. If your relationship is not good, their is usually a lack of trust that resides there. If your business is struggling to keep customers, again the trusted relationships with customers is missing. And if you are a corporate career warrior, and not moving ahead, then trust to deliver in a higher role may be the thing that is missing from those that determine the promotions.


trust is the foundation of everything great in your life
trust is the foundation of everything great in your life – CoachCurl

So how do you build that foundation? It is one thing to trust blindly, its another to trust smart.

Key to this is the ability to be TRUSTWORTHY. Seems simple. Trustworthy people are usually trusted. It makes perfect sense. So if it is missing in your life, the first place to look is in the mirror. What is your attitude towards it? Is it open, is it earned, are you cynical, are you mistrusting, are you afraid of getting hurt? Are you looking for it? Do you trust first?

The other key components are competence and character. Character is vital as people with integrity and who treat others with respect, usually do so and have that returned. People have belief in people who have those character qualities. They feel assured and in create a trusted environment. People of service attitude, people of core values tend to be trusted. What is missing on this inside tends to be shown on the outside. If you are missing this core aspects, people will not feel assurance with you and that trusted environment is simply not created.

Competence revolves around results and your abilities. When you have a track record of results and competence, that brings higher levels of assurance and belief from others and it helps make build the trusted environment in your life.

Everything great in your life has been built on it, everything you are not happy with, is due to a lack of it. Trust, A small word, a big role.

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