Month: May 2013

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The 3C’s – Part 3 Complacency

Certainty, Comfort, Complacency     We Crave Certainty, we Create Comfort and ultimately Cause Complacency. Because when we get comfortable, we get lazy. We take shortcuts, we don’t take due care. We operate as automatic drones as we endure life. In effect, we stop living….we just haven’t made it official. The world today mass produces …

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The 3C’s Part 2 – Comfort

When we CRAVE CERTAINTY, WE CREATE COMFORT. Comfort is the enemy of growth, desire and motivation. We all know couples who have gotten comfortable in their relationship; they put on weight, They stop trying for each other and themselves. They get comfortable. We get comfortable in our jobs, we learn what we need to do to …

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