453 LaQuita Monley Foundations to Growth

Welcome to Episode 453 of The Today’s Leader Podcast. Most of you will know I am a certified Maxwell Leadership coach and I am always pleased to showcase fellow Maxwell Leadership coaches, so today is another one of these opportunities.

450 Monday Mentoring – New Ways of Thinking

I have been re-reading the book “The Australian Leadership Paradox: What it takes to lead in the lucky country” by Geoff Aigner

I posted on social media this week, a key comment from one of the recommendations from the book.

“The Australian and…

449 Monday Mentoring Communicating Change

One of the key aspects of change is communication. In fact, a model we used in a previous business had communication, communication, communication listed under every step

We know most people, do not like change. Even though it is an inescapable…

447 Monday Mentoring – Set the Tone

The most important aspect of leadership can often be to set the tone. A positive, upbeat leader with a can-do attitude is more likely to gain followers than someone who delivers consistently negative messages. Even when things are bad, a leader with…

445 Monday Mentoring – Be Visible

Another important aspect of communication is being visible

You may have heard saying like
– Management by walking around
– Haveing an open-door policy
– Morning standups
Video versions of…

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