Month: August 2022

433 – Monday Mentoring -Know Your Audience

Welcome to Monday Mentoring on The Today’s Leader Podcast.
The most important aspect of any effective communication is knowing your audience. This audience will vary, so being flexible in your communication styles is a great skill for any leader to…

432 Don Shmincke Samurai Leadership Insights

Welcome to Episode 432 of The Today’s Leader Podcast, Building Tomorrow’s Best Leaders Today. We have had a few leader come on the podcast and talk through leadership lessons, crafted from ancient wisdom and culture. Today we learn how lessons from…

Emerging Leader

5 Things Every Emerging Leader Should Know

What is an Emerging Leader An “emerging leader” is someone who is taking on increasing responsibility and authority in their organization. An emerging leader is also one that is ambitious and career-focused. They may be at any level in the organisation, but will often be evident in frontline or mid-level leaders. Emerging leaders are the …

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