Month: February 2016

What Dumb Leaders Do #3

What Dumb Leaders Do #3 Dumb Leaders THINK they have to have all the answers. Great Leaders have the belief that the answer to any problem lies in the team. Everyone was once a Dumb Leader, but the Great Leaders learn from their mistakes.  

Simply Musing Coach Curl

I wonder…..?

I often wonder what would happen if we all just stopped. That we consciously stop all the hustle, all the grind, all the quest for bullshit business grandiose, all the shit of the beachside business ideal that the majority must find so appealing. That we chose to stop the relentless pursuit of power and manipulation, …

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Tony on Tuesday - Coach Curl

Tony on Tuesday #2

Replacing a bad habit with a good habit will show you better results and with better results come a greater chance of repeating the new behaviour. Just makes sure you give it time, as the results won’t be immediate. Your actions and behaviours determines your results and consequences. What actions can you change to help …

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Dream It, Design It, Do It

4 Steps to a Simpler Life

Four steps to a simpler life. A simple life is within reach. Don’t be fooled by the marketing hype. You don’t want to aim for an easy life. Aim for a simple life. A simple life of significance doing what you love doing. Read my blog here.

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