Month: March 2013

Integrity ; Rock Solid or Fluctuating wih the Tides

Rock Solid : Integrity Integrity is not a behaviour that fluctuates with the tide; fluctuates with the bandwagon; fluctuates with good news/bad news; fluctuates with politics. Integrity is rock solid. Something you have at all times and doesn’t waver. The story goes, the senior executive had briefed his front-line team individually about an upcoming restructure, …

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Trust : Overflowing or Leaking?

Trust: Overflowing or Leaking?  Trust. Does yours’ overflow or Leak. I have tweeted all week on the element of Trust. To everyone, trust is a fundamental foundation of all relationships, and it’s very much the foundation of all aspects of leadership. Its important to give trust. In fact, its vital to give trust. Giving trust …

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