People Value People who Value People

People Value People Who Value People

Our connection with the workplace and our team is driven by two simple concepts. One is how aligned we are to the purpose of the organisation and the team, and the second is how valued we feel. People feel connected and deliver more when they feel valued. And from a management point of view, people value people who value people, so if you are the type of leader who doesn’t place value in others, don’t be surprised when you aren’t valued.

It becomes a conundrum at times. Some leaders want to be trusted and held aloft as a great leader or visionary manager, yet they place no effort or intention in valuing the people on their team.  It’s hypocritical to expect to be valued when you cannot even deliver the basics of appreciation to the team you lead.

Seems Easy, Right?

It seems easy, doesn’t it? Value your people. Even when managers want to make the change, they often fail to enhance the experience within their team. Because valuing others needs a genuine care factor, it can’t be faked. It is built from a genuine empathy for others and that’s why many fail at delivering greater engagement with the teams they lead.

You add value to people when as a leader,  you value people in your team. It’s funny how that works. When you add value to people, you help fill their cup, you help develop skills and you help make them bigger and better.

And it’s not just in leading teams that we see those that genuinely value others. We see it every day. Observing people treat retail and hospitality staff with contempt is just one indicator. Behaviour on the roads and streets are another giveaway.

Do You Have What it Takes?

So, what does it take for you to be a person who values others?

  1. You have a genuine interest in others. A genuine care for people.
  2. You smile often and from add light to the room.
  3. You say thank you to those that serve and help you.
  4. You express gratitude daily for those in your life.
  5. You want people to be better from the interactions they have with you.
  6. You acknowledge the positive aspects of people and help strengthen them through effective and constructive feedback.

People Value People Who Value People

A couple of our own basic primitive instincts is the biggest challenge we face as humans. Our need for self-preservation and our quest for power and control. The struggle to overcome these self-centred instincts is too much for many. And they never unleash the value that comes from valuing others.

DO you have what it takes? Valuing others ultimately helps you build influence, and people will follow you as an authentic leader. One who cares for others and one that creates performance and outcomes that others can’t match. People value people who value people. Be one of them.

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