The Benefits of Team – Satisfying our Basic Human Needs

If you are of the belief that a paycheck is the main need that a job provides, you aren’t alone. But time and time again, research shows that job satisfaction requires much more than a healthy pay packet. My experiences is that being engaged in work helps us on a higher plane than we can imagine. This is a clear benefits of team working together. It’s clear that work provides us with several basic human needs, and if we don’t have those, our productivity and morale suffer.

Building a team can be difficult. If you are looking for ways to improve your team’s motivation and success, but aren’t sure where to start, begin by developing these six factors in your workplace.

The Benefits of Teamwork
The Benefits of Teamwork



The human brain is wired to crave connection with others. This is the basic instinct that helped our ancestors survive when the wooly mammoth ruled the earth, and it’s still alive and well today. To build a connection, work on building a team spirit within your group. Encourage everyone’s input and let them each know they are a valuable part of the team.


Humans thrive on having a purpose in life and working towards fulfilling that. Of course, this purpose doesn’t have to come from the workplace, but if you want to build a dynamic, harmonious team, building meaningful purpose into each member’s workday will benefit everyone. You can do this by consistently showing the team how their individual tasks fit in with the overall big picture of the company.


Human beings need to always be working towards growth, either professionally or personally—or hopefully both! Otherwise, we feel stagnate, which leads to an unhappy attitude and outlook. One way to encourage your team to continue growing, if to make it clear that personal and professional development is valued in the team. Invite team members to attend webinars, go to seminars and read books that will help them develop new skills that can be used in their current job and future ones.


We all perform at our peak when we feel safe and secure in our situation in life. Big risk takers are few and far between because humans seek certainty above all else. You can build an environment of certainty for your team by assisting each member in finding a comfortable balance between their comfort zone and stretching to learn new things.


On the opposite side of the coin, humans desire variety… It’s the spice of life, right? Being stuck in the same old tasks day in and day out can easily make a zombie out of workers. Try encouraging your team members to take on tasks that are a little outside of their skill set and comfort zone. This shows them you have faith in them and will give them the variety they need to be most effective.

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