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Behind the scenes there is a frenzy of activity happening at The Coach Curl Academy as we build the jam-packed plethora of programs and courses to help you build your greatest self. Recently I gave the members of The Coach Curl Academy Facebook group a sneak peak  behind the scenes of the Academy.

Check it out here, but first make yourself a drink as it does go for 20 minutes. I hope you get as excited as I am putting this thing together with my team and my designer.

By the time we launch we will have over 40 programs for you to help you enhance mindset, build leadership and grow your business. We will have four levels of membership, and a super special price from September launch until December 30, 2018, with the price guaranteed for the following year. Membership will be available through an annual or monthly subscription. Additionally, there is a free membership level.

As well as our hand selected and signature programs, there are monthly webinars, groups and forums for you to interact with the community. But you also have the ability to remain private and work through at your own pace if that is your learning style. Forums, groups and a wide variety of programs that help you be your greatest self. You will also have access at members prices on our range of  assessments in leadership and capability profiling.

The final piece of the puzzle is the level of membership that brings me  to privately mentor you through the programs and courses best designed for you to achieve. Monthly calls with me will support your journey and a private forum for interaction with me. I am really excited to bring this to you, and numbers for private mentoring will be limited.

I look forward to sharing more as we continue to build the best value packed Academy for you to grow.

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