It Seems the Coach Curl Academy has Upset an Industry

We launched The Coach Curl Academy on the first day of September with over 50 programs to help our members grow and live their best lives. We purposely jam packed the Academy with value and this has not gone unnoticed by the self-help industry. We lesson the friction from our potential customers by packing it with programs that cover a large chunk of the niche’s within the industry. We set our launch pricing at a level that is comfortable and much less than the value within.

What Have we Learnt?

We have upset some people. That is for sure. I have lost count of the emails I have received from other others in this sector, telling me I am far too cheap, and undervaluing what we have. We understand that sentiment, and our current pricing is our launch pricing. When we hit 2019 our prices will rise and come July 2019 we will have hit the market value price that we will stay at. So you can lock in the current prices for two years. How good is that.

We have been accused of disrupting the market. I’ll take that. One of our programs in the Academy is similar to a program listed by another prominent person in the industry. You can access that program in our Academy for just $14.95 a month, on the other site it is $249 a month, drip fed with one lesson a month with added value of group webinars to dissect that one lesson. A number of people like that method of development and we have our own Private Mentoring package that is available at $199 a month, and includes a one-on-one session to help guide your growth and development. As our community grows, we will have additional programs available, we will have Accountability Partners Programs, and indepth training of our more popular programs.

So, if that is disrupting an industry then so be it. I understand that some of the giants in the industry are highly motivational, but real growth, real mindset shift happens with closer bonds to a grassroots community. And that is clearly what we are aiming to do.

The Choice Comes Down to You

People wanting growth have a vast array of choice ahead of them. And it comes down what works best for you. If you are like many, go to major events, get a dose of magic from Tony or similar, then that’s ok. Just makes sure you get more than just goosebumps, get out and apply the energy to your life.

We offer a community that will help you grow and build your best life, and also the choice of being self-driven or community driven. If that sounds like you, come and join your tribe at The Coach Curl Academy.

How Can I Help You

If you wish to work with Coach Curl to unleash your greatest self, contact Tony today.
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