Unless You’re Looking, You Won’t Find the Gold.

Unless you’re looking, you won’t find the gold.  That’s a simple fact of life.

And it’s one that many of us lose sight of, and that’s often because we have stopped believing in the gold.  We’ve stopped believing, we’ve stopped looking and subsequently we have stopped finding.

Remember when we were kids there was a sense of wonderment in almost everything we did and everything we encountered. Walks in the park became big-time adventures, days at the beach become a place where masterpieces were built and destroyed, rocky outcrops became places of marvel where ecosystems were examined and explored. We looked for the gold and often we found our own version of gold. That sense of wonder, that sense of excitement, that sense of learning something new.

That was our gold.

Nowadays I often see that replaced with the “What’s in It for Me?” mindset. People unwilling to step out of the life they have settled for and looking for guaranteed outcomes before they embrace learning something new. People accepting the life they lead, the job they hate, the people they have around them and wanting a guaranteed outcome before they step up and step out.

It just doesn’t make sense.

When you stop looking for the gold, don’t expect to find it. Yet we do. Life isn’t delivered on a platter; it never has been and never will be. Guarantees are not part of life. Yet that is what many want to move ahead.

And why is this relevant.

I recently hosted Steve Maraboli for a series of events in Queensland. Every event was packed, sold out and amazing. Steve certainly brought his A-Game and I didn’t expect anything less.

Our business breakfast event was packed with businesses wanting to take advantage of his wisdom and brilliance. As this was Steve’s first time in Australia, many who attended showed faith and curiousity in attending. Steve is well-known for his quotes, his books and his words but how would that translate into a business world in Australia. That show of faith was rewarded and everyone who attended left on another level to tackle their business. It was amazing. The comments, the feedback and the social media frenzy that occurred is testament to that.

They came looking for the gold, they had faith that the gold was there and the gold was found and put into action. They reaped the benefits for looking. And I almost felt sorry for the businesses that were in competition with those who were at the event. But I didn’t. Why?

The gold was available to all. They just didn’t go looking. They maybe wanted a guaranteed return, they may have asked the “What’s in it for me?” question, they certainly had other priorities. And they didn’t get the gold. This time. Their competitors did. Will they be ready to explore next time? Who knows.

Will you be ready to explore? Will you be ready and open and start looking? When you find, will you be ready to take action?

Take the time to go looking. Take the time to explore. Take the time to be aware because only then can you find the gold. Only when you find the gold can you elevate your thinking, and it’s only when you elevate your thinking will you elevate your life into the one you desire.

What can you do today, to go looking for the gold?  Because it is only when you go looking can you truly find the gold.

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