Creating Your Vision

We all know what Vision is? Don’t we. Most companies have a Vision for themselves, most of which is owned to varying degrees, depending on the company. But do you have a vision for yourself?
When I talk to leaders and discuss notions of feedback and development, I advise them to write down their personal vision, and how they want to be seen as a leader. Depending on the circumstances, I usually ask them to look from two angles, one is how they want to be seen from the team they lead, and secondly how they wish to be seen at from peer level and above.
Take the time and write down the vision that you want to be as a leader. The next stage is to communicate, and this is especially relevant to communicate it with your line manager. WHY? It is the perfect vehicle for some effective, relevant and ongoing feedback. 
Feedback, Well, that’s a whole new chapter.

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