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The Choice Behind Focus! What are You Famous For?

Everyday we make choices in our lives. We make the choice to build a following in our endevours knowing the benefits of tribe and community. We aim to connect with people we know we can help, but at times is it possible we lose track of our reason behind this. Are we making the right choices behind focus.

Ask Yourself – Are you famous or are you focused?

With honest reflection are you famous?  When people look at you, what do they say that you are famous for?  Are you famous for procrastination…negative words…poor time management…Are you famous for not living your potential? Are you famous for making poor decisions? If you’re a leader, you’re team already know your shortcomings. That’s a fact. If you are unable to honestly reflect on your shortcomings, it’s too your own detriment. What are you famous for?

What am I aiming to be famous for?  Let me share with you what I am famous for.  I am famous for consistent, structured, focused daily strategies and techniques to live a victorious life. I am famous for small steps leading me on a journey of success. I know…that is a pretty strong statement!  You see, I would rather be “focused” than famous.

I am focused on ultimate success.  I am focused on assisting you in achieving you dreams and discover the greatness that is inside all of you!  Forget about being famous, let’s be focused.  Be focused on your dreams…be focused on providing for your family…be focused on building a huge team…be focused on Finding Your Why!  Let’s commit today to become focused and start changing people’s lives.

Millions of people world wide watch quiz shows like “Who wants to be a Millionaire”. They dial into reality TV where they see battlers vie for some sort of prize at the end.  The interesting thing is that everyone sitting on the couch with a bag of popcorn watching these shows are broke.  Why?  Because they are famous for sitting back and watching shows on other people being famous.  They are watching life, they are watching success and not participating in it. How about we flick the switch in life from famous to focused.  Stop dreaming of other people being famous and start being focused on your own destiny!  You must laser-focus in on your success and demolish procrastination and create action.  Demolish resolutions and create results!  Let’s demolish fear and create faith!  How is this all possible by simply being focused.  How do people become gold medalist, super bowl champions, etc?  They take charge of their lives, hire a coach and become focused.

What are you?  Who are you?  Where are you going?  How are you going to get there?  More importantly, why are you not focused?  Those that know their “Why” are very focused.  I am focused on my Why of changing lives of Champions worldwide through my coaching, mentoring, seminars and now the Coach Curl Academy and creating massive success in those Champions lives!   Do not allow famous to get in your way of being focused.  Make a commitment today to forget fame and become laser-focused!  Let’s get focused and know your Why!  Let’s go out and impact the world one heart at a time.  Focus creates success and Fame creates problems.  It’s your decision…become focused and live your dream!!!

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