World’s Best Excuses Coaches. We all have one.

I get asked often “What is an Empowerment Coach”? I usually reply with the fact that everyone already has the world’s best Excuses Coach, when we actually need someone to empower us to act on our dreams and our goals

We are our own world’s best Excuses Coaches….The simple fact is we have amazing BS detectors, but we are simply unable to detect our own. We believe our own crap that we tell ourselves…and the vast majority do nothing because we have been successful in talking ourselves out of doing anything. At least we are successful in doing nothing.

But why do we allow this? We have everything we need NOW to be a success in what we choose. We have everything, but we listen to our brain’s natural resistance to change and cave in. We stay firmly entrenched in our comfort zone.
Nothing great happens in our comfort zone…..this is where safety and security collude to delude us that all is well in the world……which is just simply false economy. And the reason why?….Change is a constant in the world. We simply cannot just sit back and be warm and safe and removed from change…it is going to happen. And if we don’t understand change….and it’s forced upon you….the reaction is usually negative.

Being empowered means you take responsibility for change and growth in your life, the positive change that you seek in life and career, but also how we respond to change when it happens outside of our control. Too many people burn out being worried or anxious about change that they have no control over……

Our excuses, our self-talk, the bullshit we tell ourselves stops most of us from ever achieving anything great that we are destined to achieve. Our fear of failure and our fear of success keeps us firmly rooted…..and stuck in the warm delusion that the comfort zone brings.

Face your fears, deal with your self talk and wade your way through your own crap. Stand up to be counted….FOR YOU….The old saying is that you need to know enough, have grown enough or hurt enough to create change in your life. I also add, you need to care enough ………ABOUT YOU….

The job of an Empowerment Coach is to empower you to take back control of your life and your career………to create positive ongoing growth and change and to erase the need of that painful catalyst that forces change upon us.

Tony Curl
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