Warning ! Habits to Break for Success.

Warning! Break those bad habits

The lady at the petrol station felt obliged to almost apologise for her purchase of a packet of cigarettes. She didn’t drink, she didn’t take drugs; her only vice was cigarettes. With that she walked away. I’m still unsure why she felt compelled to tell us all waiting in line, I believe she was justifying the bad habit to herself as opposed to others.  Because that’s what we do. She certainly gave me food for thought.

You see, we all have those habits that can break us.They can break us for a number of reasons. Sometimes they are unhealthy. Sometime they are dangerous. Sometimes they just waste away our time and potential. For whatever reason, they aren’t good for you and need to change.

Success means different things to different people. I define success as fulfilling your potential. To realise your potential, you need to ensure your habits work on your side, not against you. Your habits can either MAKE or BREAK you.

The hardest thing is to acknowledge the dangerous aspects of our habits. They are hard to break and easier to do and continue. Conversely, Good habits are hard to do, so therefore become easy to break. However, they will lead to success, while bad habits will lead to fulfillment.

John Maxwell, talks about the Law Of Process. That process of doing something better every day. The 1%ers, the daily 1%ers.that lead people to success. You cannot get 100% better at what you do overnight, but over the course of a year that 1% daily will compound to amazing effect.

The biggest choice we face is. Can we turn our backs on those bad habits, those warning signs for our life, that we know we need to change. Ultimately this will lead to more fulfilling and successful lives. The choice is ours to make.

Author – Tony Curl
Leadership, Life and Style

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