Stop Looking to blame

Pointing the Finger Never Points the Way

Pointing the Finger Never Points the Way.

More than ever we are faced with many conundrums and distractions. In this world of constant connection, of social media communities, it’s so easy to lose sight of what is important to us. Our realization will come. That day where we face the lives that we have chosen to live and realise that we can forge ahead to a better way. It’s best to move on from the mentality of blame, excuses and denial

And often when the realization comes we look for someone to blame. Someone we can point the finger at, someone we can blame for the life that we have chosen, for the time we have wasted for; for the deeds we haven’t done. We feel unfilled and often our first instinct is to find blame, and point the finger.


Yet often we see it. People living their lives in blame and regret. Regretful of not achieving what they wanted and blaming others for it. And that gets us nowhere.

Blame, Excuses and Denial.

Blame, excuses and denial. Many choose to live their lives in one of these ways. Living in denial of the choices they have made, listen to their own excuses and pointing the finger at others as to their lack of success.

Pointing the finger never points the way. The way forward is to look within ourselves and search for the answers. And the real answer sits there, we must find it.

The answer from the easy option we chose instead of the harder route. Where the path of least resistance was preferred to the path of commitment and perseverance. Where we limited the success we ultimately had because of the effort and the choice we made.

The opportunity is always there for us to blame others. That’s the easy option. Listening to our excuses, that’s the easy option, Denying our involvement in our demise, that’s easy. We get hooked on the feeling of being the victim. We get hooked on those feelings of being sorry for ourselves. And that needs to change. And it can change.


Look ahead and map your way to where you want to head. Write it down, make it real. Make it live.

Stick to your plan. Make a promise to yourself and keep it.

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