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Five Ways to Override Your Default Installation

Creating a custom youInstalling software creates an interesting human observation. We are usually faced with a choice during installation. Whether we go for the “default” or whether we choose the custom or advanced option.

Now, I don’t know what the statistics are, but I would believe that overwhelmingly people choose the “default” option. I know I do, and most people I know do the same.

Easy Options

We tend to choose the easy option, the path of least resistance, the option that is universal. And so it is with the way we live our life.

The way we do anything, is the way we do everything. While you may be thinking this is just software installation, it really does highlight the way in which the majority of the world live their daily lives.

The way we do anything, is the way we do everything.

According to the many studies I have seen, our behaviours, actions and habits are mainly driven through our “default” installation. 90-97% (depending on the study) of our daily actions are driven by our unconscious, subconscious and natural behaviours. Our default installation. Driven by our genetics and driven by our conditioning.

And for many, the “default” is how the world is faced, afraid to face the custom or advanced options that are available to us. Living with the path of least resistance, aiming for the easy life. And when we live the easy, we miss the great.

The reality we face, is that around 5% of our daily actions, behaviours and thoughts are driven by our conscious mind. The least travelled road, but one that provides the better options. It’s here that we can change and amend our “default” installation. The 5% impacts the 95% if we choose to use it. It is our own version of custom and advanced options. It’s there, we just need to choose it. It’s the only way to override your default.

Override Your Default

And just like advanced software installation, we need to practice and prepare for taking the plunge to build intentional action into our lives. We need to develop a brand of mental toughness, our own resilience before we will have the skills to overcome our subconscious behaviours that we have built. We have to practice things that make us uncomfortable to become accustomed to taking conscious steps. Here are five simple things to start your journey to the advanced YOU installation.

  1. Set the alarm for 15 minutes earlier. Get up and go for a walk. As most people are using their smart phones as alarms, ensure you place your phone outside your bedroom so you have to get up to turn it off.
  2. When you go shopping, park in the outer car park. Parking close to the entrance is for defaults. You’re on the journey to advanced installation, park 400m away and enjoy the walk and override your default.
  3. Set the wi-fi to turn off automatically at 8pm, and get off your devices. Pick up a book and aim to read a chapter a night. Make the topic, one in which you have real interest in, health, fitness, self development are always great topics.
  4. Start your shower with full cold and then jump in. Adjust your temper once you have dealt with the cold. Now that’s mental discipline.
  5. Call someone every day who you haven’t spoken to for a while. Make this a daily activity, just to say hello and catch up.

To build the life of your dreams, you must get in the habit of over-riding your natural and subconscious habits. Override your default, that’s the key. It may sound strange to take my tips, but it gets you in the habit of doing things out of the norm. Ultimately successful people are those crazy enough to do things out of the norm.  Stop accepting default as the way in which your life is led. Start the journey, start customizing, start creating the life your potential aches for.


Tony Curl is a life-changing empowerment and leadership coach who can help you create the life of your dreams.

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