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Improve The Way Your Team Works with Five Simple Steps

How is your team going? Are they motivated, energized and enthusiastic? Do they work well together? Do they look forward to coming to work each day to be a part of the process? If not, it’s time to develop better teamwork and reignite team spirit and you are the leader to do it.

Great teams don’t just happen. Teams are comprised of people. People need to feel both needed and wanted. One of the key factors in getting the most out of your employees is for them to realize they make a difference.

Have you ever wondered why some teams are so quick to work together and others are not? Ultimately, it’s about chemistry. When the chemistry is right, teams work. They create momentum, they build purpose and they achieve results.

In the event your team is not gelling, follow these four steps:

  • Share responsibility among all team members: This is one of the easiest ways to get the team to develop mutual accountability. If team members know they must count on each other, each member will work hard because they don’t want to be the one to let the team down. You want the team to have full countability to each other.
  • Get everyone to know each person’s strengths and weakness: This will aid in getting everyone to work together and build on each other’s weaknesses. We cannot all share the same strength so when Sharon’s strength can assist Bob’s weakness, it creates a win-win for the team and strengthens everyone.
  • Get each team member on the same page: Too often team members don’t understand how what they do plays into the bigger picture of the organization. This is critical. Your team will be able to think more critically and problem-solve better when they understand the part their contribution makes to the company as a whole. Think purpose, think alignment. It’s the responsibility of the leader to bring it together when it comes to building alignment.
  • Encourage members to praise each other: Like Canadian Geese that honk along their flight, it is important for team members to motivate and encourage each other. One of the largest misconceptions in business today is that motivation must come from management. Motivation must come from within, and each member can play a part in increasing others’ desires to improve and be self-motivated.
  • Humanize each team member: This one is a little sticky with some employees because they feel they are there to work and not to socialize. While on the surface this is 100% correct, it has been shown that when employees know something about each other as people, they are quicker to empathize and help each other out. One key factor here—don’t press the issue with someone who absolutely does not want to share. Give them time to come around or if they don’t, they may naturally see they are not a good fit for this team and leave of their own accord. Having a team that enjoys working together, is usually a precursor to success.

So it you are having challenges as a leader in developing a high performing team, taking action on these five steps is vital for you in your team’s journey.

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