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We Forget to Appreciate the Luck of the Draw

Carter with Jarade and AshleighAppreciate The Gifts We Have

Our morning ritual is cool, we lie awake in a semi-comatose manner until the alarm goes, and then we do battle with the two versions of ourselves. We wake up with the gift of a new day,  and we fail to appreciate it. The gift of a new day is not afforded to everyone. Many who have lived long useful lives quietly slip away in the night almost in what many of us would see as the best way to move on. However, not everyone gets the fairy tale farewell.

Carter was just 30 days old, when the odds that kept being stacked against him, finally won. How does a new born deserve that? How do the parents of Carter deserve that. Seriously. 30 days. Life is not supposed to be like that.

But from the terrible tragedy, we have seen an inspiring movement formed Carter’s Cause raising funds and awareness for kids born with heart disease. Check them out at and like them on facebook at

So next time you’re having a whinge that the world is a tough place, you’ve broken a nail, missed a change of traffic light, got missed for a promotion, broke up with your partner or whatever has rocked your world, take time to appreciate the luck of the draw. The fact that you are still here, still blessed with the gift of today. That isn’t afforded to everyone…..but it has been given to you. Make the most of it, and appreciate it fully.

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