Fire Up to Fight February Failure

Hi there, It’s Tony here. How is 2019 going for you. We are now just 3 days till February, it’s hard to believe that January is almost over. Time moves fast and unless we are intentional with our decision making, often we feel that life and time  control us.

To take us to places we may not want to go, keep us bound in jobs we may not like, with people we may not like…When we don’t have a plan, life plays us. We may work hard, we may even be very good at what we do, but unless we make some intentional decisions on where we should be, many of us are left drifting to the whims of others.

I’m surprised this year, more than others with the amount of people without goals. When asking those in my network, and even my client I’m surprised at how many people say general things like “ I want to be the best me” I just want to get better at what I do”  General wants, general thoughts. Nothing really happens until you get specific. You may see some general progress at times, but you won’t see anything amazing – That happens when we get specific.

I want to support you have an amazing 2019, so this is a personal invitation to join us in the Facebook Group of the Coach Curl Academy for my Fire Up to fight February Failure. I will be sharing some of the tips and tricks I use in my life to help me maintain momentum in what I do, and along with that, I will be providing strategies on how to overcome obstacles and blocks, to overcome our reasons and excuses.

Unfortunately, while we have the choice every day to make change, many make decisions in the new year and lose momentum by February at the latest. Join today, it’s free, it kicks off Friday, 28 days of support to help you fight February failure and make 2019 more than you want it to be.

I hope to see you inside. Simple tap the coach curl academy into the Facebook search bar to find it.

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