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Building Effective Teams – Creating Compelling Team Purpose

The creation of a compelling team purpose and vision enables leaders to be more effective in leading and getting the most out of  their teams. Where we have teams aligned to a purpose, we traditionally see greater purpose, greater commitment and greater performance. The question is how do you, as a leader, create and build a compelling team purpose.

Purpose is typically described as the very reason for the team’s existence. Expressed as a statement that clearly articulates the purpose behind the team. It helps the members of the team understand the importance of the team and enables them to align that purpose to what it is they do.

Creating that alignment is vital for success. When I was in the retail space, my team members would be aligned to how important their role was. When you consider the magnitude of the brands I worked for and their brand value, my team knew that when serving any customer, they were the very face of the brand and the level they went to either added value to that brand value, or subtracted value. Gladly for me the choice was made more often than not, to add value and deliver outstanding service. The team had a purpose and pursued it with passion.

So how can you articulate your teams purpose.

To provide the foundation for purpose, we start by asking three questions.

  1. What does your team do?
  2. What positive impact does your team have on customers and the business?
  3. What would happen if your team did not exist or did not deliver on that positive impact?

Once you have answered these questions, you can create your statement. But for me, this just the starting point. To create a compelling team purpose we need to elevate it to the next level. 

Create A Purpose Driven Team

Lee Colan adds value in this discussion. He shares his thoughts on how to create a purpose-driven team. He encourages leaders to ask four key questions.

  1. Where are we going? (Goals)
  2. What are we doing to get there? (Plans)
  3. How can I contribute? (Roles)
  4. What’s in it for me? (Rewards)

I like this added scenario as it builds up from some of the key foundations we see in building effective teams. As a leader we have the responsibility to build better teams that produce and perform to a higher level. Creating a compelling team purpose helps us do this.

If you want to build greater effectiveness in your team, contact Coach Curl to see how he can help you achieve better results through a greater effectiveness from your team. 


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