Are You Living In Your Sweet Spot?

Mr Scott Fay

It is my pleasure to share an excerpt from Scott Fay’s book “Discover Your Sweet Spot” Book Launches in Early January.

By Scott M. Fay
Author, Discover Your Sweet Spot


The Sweet Spot is the convergence of three things: Purpose, Passion, and Plan.

·         Purpose is who you are designed to be.
·         Passion is what you love to do.
·         Plan is the strategic convergence of being and doing.
Living and working from our Sweet Spot results from intentional design, not accidental disorder. Similar to what I do with my new landscaping clients, we must design our lives with the end in mind. Unfortunately, too many people just accept their lives rather than lead their lives.

Living to and from your Sweet Spot yields exponential potential.
My mother still tells me that I first found my Sweet Spot at the age of four while playing in the sandbox. Every day in summer, I loved spending time in a gigantic 10-by 15-foot sandpit with toy ‘dozers, trailers, and trucks. Like boys my age, I built roads and rivers during playtime. But perhaps unlike other boys, I also built little homes out of sand and then I felt the need to landscape those little properties. I’d use pine cones for shrubs, twigs for trees, and place little stones around freshly-dug miniature swimming pools. In that vast sand pit, I made a little square shop out of red bricks that I’d found lying around from my father’s projects. On top of that square shop, I made a flat roof out of pine boards.
I’d spend nearly all day playing in the sand pit. But just before dinnertime, I’d perform a unique ritual. I’d drive the equipment up onto the trailers, hook them up to the trucks, and then drive the trucks back to the square shop with the flat roof. By this time, mom would make a final dinner call and, according to her, I’d spend a couple more minutes at the shop off-loading the equipment, lining up the trailers, and, finally, backing up the trucks. Ritual complete, I’d head off to dinner, satisfied and smiling.
More than forty years later, I still perform an odd ritual. Today my sandpit is a bit larger, though. On most days before dinnertime, I pull into a square shop with a flat roof at 7900 SE Bridge Road in Hobe Sound, Florida. While driving around the lot, I see my employees off-loading the equipment, lining up the trailers, and, finally, backing up the trucks. Waving to them, I see the ritual completed, and then I head off to dinner, satisfied and smiling.
What about you? Have you ever functioned in your Sweet Spot? Do you know what it is? Is your Passion, Purpose, and Plan clear? If so, you don’t even need to look to see if you’re effective. You already know.

Excerpt taken from Discover Your Sweet Spot by Scott M. Fay, published by Morgan James Publishing, available here via Amazon. More info:

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