#169 Five Hacks to Achieve Your New Years Resolutions

So today I am going to share some tips and hacks to help everyone listening achieve their goals, dreams or resolutions they may have set thought about for 2020 and research tells is that is  about 40% of you.
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Hey there its Coach Curl here and welcome to 20 2 Today 0 in episode 169 of the Coach Curl podcast I’m sharing with you some hacks to help you achieve your new year’s esolution hang around

hey there and welcome it’s Tony Curl here it’s Coach Curl and welcomes to 2020 it was an incredibly exciting day yesterday we set up our very first Pivotal year group and it was a really good online session we created and helped them we shared their online journals and their planners that they’ll be using the next 12 months and we conducted their first training session their first group coaching session for themselves as well it was a really come really it’s a great group it’s a great group with great energy and I’m really excited to work with them and you know if you missed out this time around

don’t forget our next intake is in April this year so we do three intakes a year it’s not just a New Year thing we believe that that’s the best way to go but today I’m going to share some tips
and some hacks to help everyone that’s listening achieve their goals their dreams or their resolutions that they’ve may have set or they may have thought about in terms of 2020 now research tells us that about 40% of us have a think about what we’ve achieved over the course of the last year and vowed to change some aspects of their life whether it’s in relation to their
lifestyle whether its relation to their business or whether it’s relation to the success that they’re having and usually these vows of improvement happen in a variety of different ways you know it could be weight-loss it could be finance career personal development health and diet those sorts of areas people also look at things like their fitness how  they react and how they stress with the world and and even and a percentage will always look at their their own personal relationships the people that they love the people that they care about and it’s
all important it’s all important for us to become the people that were designed to be but usually when you fast forward you’re looking at about June of the year
most people have forgotten about it now

There’s a variety of stats out there and I’m not sure the source of the validity or the credibility of these stats some would suggest that 60% will have forgotten all about their their new year
resolution or their new year goals while others suggest that 92% have failed in their quest and given up so you know take it that for what it’s worth because we do know that there is an acceptance that new year’s resolutions tend to fail so you know take that for what it is but that’s why that’s why I like to share some of the hacks some of the hacks that I know have worked for myself and that have been the subject of you know many people’s writings in relation to people that have had success within their life you know and one of the first things
that I always look at for myself and when I’m working with people is to have a look at the motivation what is actually motivating the change what is that and what does that look like and fundamentally there’s two types of motivation there’s intrinsic and there’s extrinsic now the intrinsic motivation is the stuff that comes from within us that’s the stuff that is driven by a
purpose by a meaning by a challenge it could mean that you’re dissatisfied with where you are and you need to make that change and that’s an internal change all you’ve found your purpose when you found your meaning and you’re working towards that or you’re aligning to something that’s bigger and better than yourself so that’s intrinsic motivation when we look at extrinsic that’s when we’re looking for that external motivator you know in the work space it could be working towards that promotion it could be working towards a bonus it could be
being challenged by your friends that could be your extrinsic motivation it could be to show other people what you’re capable of it could be something as you know just not wanting to be left behind by a group of friends so those things are extrinsic motivation and once  you figure out when your motivation type is then that helps guide the way for yourself and it gets you excited to understand where your motivation where your drive is coming from I often get asked what is the stronger type of motivation my general answer is always the intrinsic motivation will always be the stronger because usually it’s found that it’s been driven by a purpose but extrinsic certainly has its its believers and followers as well the extrinsic motivation can often be the starting point and then as we drive towards a better view or a better me intrinsic starts to take over now step number two hack number two actions speak louder than words and you know defining a goal or talking about a goal or is always  easier said than done isn’t it you know when when I say I want to write a book that’s just words words are always easier said than done always

it’s always the case it’s the steps that we take to reach the goals that’s the tricky part and that’s where most people will ultimately fail and when we’re talking about actions we want to be able
to talk about breaking that goal down so if I want to have a book ready to go for publishing by April of this year I’ve got to break that down and I’ve got to have milestones along the way and I’ve got to do things to get to those milestones and because along the way you you’re creating what we call our dopamine heads we’re working towards the anticipation the anticipate response of
what that dopamine hit will do when we hit our our reward and we tend to reward ourselves internally anyway so it leads into that concept of positive reinforcement and that’s crucial as it helps us guide our way towards the goals and commit to what it is that we want to be achieving and you know a lot of people you’ve probably heard this before but a lot of people will talk about
having your goal set as a SMART goal and capital SMAR T and that indeed does make a lot of sense so a smart goal is a smart goal is the S stands for specific so we need to be really specific around what that goal looks like right so it needs to be something clear a general goal of I want to lose weight will often will well more times than not files whereas if we want to be get really
specific I want to lose one kilo a week for the next five weeks that really helps us narrow it down you know it needs to be measurable any sort of response any bleeder any manager will always tell you we need to be able to measure our results so we need to be evaluating our progress and understanding when we can up it up when we can up our actions or when we need to
look at maybe overachieving and maybe sending some new goals it needs to be achievable of course and you know I often make that the story about I’d love
to be an NRL footballer hearing in Brisbane but ultimately that’s not gonna happen so you know there’s not too many 54 year old rookies signing up to be
part of the Broncos or the Dragons or whatever football team that you that you cheer for it’s not gonna happen so it

It needs to be a realistic goal it needs to be achievable so the concept of daily steps that daily steps as daily actions really help us here because if we’ve got a long-term goal and the long-term goal may be to work into a position of for a promotion if we’ve got that as a goal we need to understand what that looks like every day so every day we want to be doing something that gets us closer and every day we want to be achiev ing something the goal needs to be relevant of course because if it’s not relevant to what is is prior what’s important in your life why bother and then we need to set some sort of time bound to it so it needs to be time bound so you know whether that’s a deadline that we said or with our continuing time frame

so so that’s number two number two was all about actions so then we look at  being honest with ourselves as our third step we need to be realistic but we also need to be careful of that word
realistic because the more realistic your resolution or your goal is the morelikely that you’ll see through them now if the goal of the New Year’s to exercise more for example if it’s to just start an exercise regime or to do more exercise start small instead of planning a five-day workweek go for twenty minutes a day so and then increase gradually you know the old cliche is that gyms gym car parks are filled for the first couple of weeks of January but by March they are empty and that is often the case because people get excited and they overextend themselves and that’s that’s another that’s another way that people actually fall down and file it within their goals so what we want to do is be setting small steps and it may be quite simply I’ll start by walking around the block I’ll do that once a day as we start building that habit of going out for that walk around the block once that habit starts to become part of what it is that we do daily we start to extend
it so I might be going around the block twice there might be going around the block three times so we want to start from a position where we can build not start at the optimum and go out and do sign up for f45 or do insanity or whatever some of that stuff is because that will all also just absolutely lead you on a journey of failure so it’s just important to be being honest with
yourself in in regards to the actions that you’re doing number four is about thinking things through this is about having a positive mindset because we need to be maybe our own champion when it comes to this you know no doubt you all have people in your life that willchampion your positive life change but you need to be very much your own personal cheese quad you need to be able to encourage yourself you need to have that positive mindset and especially so on those days where we may stumble or we may come across a roadblock or we may hit an obstacle it’s really important to be able to get yourself out of a funk you know so let’s be a positive mindset let’s look at how we can succeed not the reasons why we should be failing so it’s all about being able to think things through looking at things with the mindset of making it happen as opposed to why we can’t make it happen be accountable for your actions is step number five that’s the fifth hack you need to be accountable it needs to mean that you’re taking responsibility for the choices see everything in every day every day we’re faced we make choices and we’re faced with challenges every day is a choice and a challenge every day every single day you will make a choice on what sort of the day you’re going to have what sort of a person you’re going to be you will face challenges and then when you face challenges you then faced with a choice of how you face that challenge so when you think about it like a daily thing make the right choices help make
yourself accountable take that responsibility on it you know it’s easy when someone else is driving you like your boss has given you a deadline you’ve got to have something completed by Friday
of course you that there’s a little bit of a fear factor in that because of the fear of repercussions if you don’t do it but you need to create that own level of accountability within yourself so what will happen if you don’t do that walk around the block you know how do you get yourself up and going to do that walk around the block and this is where you can enlist a friend who’s going to be an encourage rose going to be a support and when I say encouraged her and encouraged or of actions not an encourage or of an excuse so you that’s the sort of person that you want you want a cheer squad who’s gonna say get up and get going not a person so and it’s alright you can have a bad day no no you want someone that’s going to encourage and challenge you and motivate you to keep going join a support group you know that’s why a program like your pivotal here is just so important to people because they get their there before they get their group they get that so so be accountable for your actions step number five so I’ll just go back hack number one was all about defining that motivation is it intrinsically or is it extrinsically um that motivation for you to create that change step number two actions do speak louder than words we know that actions do speak louder than words number three be honest with yourself now be honest with yourself you need to be realistic but be mindful of that word realistic because sometimes we use that to hold ourselves back it becomes a self limiting belief so don’t you need to be
realistic in what it is that you’re gonna achieve you’re not gonna drop 50 kg overnight of course you’re not you’re not gonna suddenly turn from earning 50k year to 330 thousand a year you need to be realistic and that needs to be mapped out you need to be able to think things through and have that positive mindset that keeps you going when when most of you is screaming at you to stop and then you need to become accountable for your own action so they’re the five hacks that will help you achieve your New Year’s resolution or any dream or any goal that you may have so I hope you’ve taken some great value out of that please share with your network or those that you feel may benefit from that if you’ve liked the review if you’ve liked this podcast please five star reviews are always like gold for someone like myself because it helps us get pushed up that Apple or wherever you listen to your podcast and helps us get found by more and more people and of course we’re always willing to answer your questions as part of the podcast process I’d like to thank the team at thinking great business for their continued support for this podcast please check them out if you’re in business improve the performance of people in business my team at Think and Grow are just a fan tastic don’t forget I have a book out there it’s called seriously simple stuff to gets to get you unstuck part of my mantra for this year is two marathons two books so I will have another book ready to go by April I’ve set the deadline I’ve set the targets so I’m seven chapters in already it’s a 21 chapter book so yeah everything’s going well it’s you map it out so by April I’ll have another book out so or another book ready to be published I should just say so they’d make it published in May but by April it will be finished so but visit Toni cool calm and sorry calm don’t a you for the authors page around 0:17:07.970,0:17:10.430
a seriously simple stuff to get you unstuck remember 20% of that book always goes to support the great work being done by Cardoz kids oh sorry Curtis cause who support the work of hard kids right here in Australia don’t forget we have the coach curl Academy now it’s over 70 courses deep and growing and we have our free Facebook groups again under Facebook do a quick search for the coach curl Academy and put in a request to join there’s a lot of good stuff on that group there’s a lot of units and we’re actually in February going to be doing a 30 day growth mindset challenge so I’m not sure how I’m gonna squeeze 30 into 29 it is a leap year this year I believe so but looking forward to doing that as well don’t forget where you are you were
standing stronger braver and wiser and don’t ever forget the golden rule yes you know what it is just don’t be an asshole I’ll see you next time bye you

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