Why Am I Your Chief Encouragement Officer?

In 2014, I had the utmost pleasure of listening to Dan Cathy from Chic-Fil-A. The Chic-Fil-A conference was taking place in Orlando, Florida at the same location as the John Maxwell Team‘s. Due to his business and ongoing relationship with John, Dan popped in and spent some time sharing the stage for the 700 coaches in attendance. His chat was highly relational and illuminating, especially for me.

He spoke about his role as the CEO of Chic-Fil-A and this is the first time I had been exposed to this term. He called himself the Chief Encouragement Officer. Obviously he has extensive duties, but his role for his people was clear. He was the dealer of hope for his people. He was the encouragement behind the culture that is Chic-Fil-A.

He also showed the way in which you can test to see if someone needed encouragement. He checked his pulse. He went on to explain, that is someone had a pulse they needed encouragement. That stuck with me since then.

With Dan, resonating within me, my coaching has been impacted on a positive note. Some coaches pride themselves on the no-holds barred approach, focused on results  and that’s ok. Some I see as bullies as the bully, coerce and manipulate people. Sure, they do get results, but they also break people. And they give coaching a bad name. They associate their experience with all coaches and that’s a shame. They cut off the very lifeline that can benefit them.

My clients get results. In fact, they graduate from my coaching once they feel they have the tools and momentum to continue by themselves. Like a car, they may check in for an annual service, a dose of encouragement and a boost when needed. Sometime they book back in for a short term process to rejuvenate themselves. The key is, their success is not conditional on me. My programs have helped them gain the movement and direction and they continue it on. 

We have our perceptions and perspective on the world. I call this our agreement with reality. I know I cannot argue against your agreement with reality, so I aim to influence. Please be aware, that your agreement with reality may come complete with your own self-limiting beliefs. I will not make deals with the limitations you place on yourself. I have belief in you and together we will break down the shackles that may be holding you back.

The whole role of a coach is not to lock you into a support mechanism, it is about instilling skills and tools and building self-confidence in your own delivery. I work with you to understand deeply where you are and then work alongside you to achieve your desired results. It’s being tough, when you know you’ve been slack, but it’s more about setting inspiration and personal resolve within you. If this sounds beneficial for you, reach out today. Do you need some encouragement? Contact me today.

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