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In a world of increasing pace and complexity, CoachCurl takes you on a journey of simplicity, a simple approach to life to help you align your actions in becoming the greatest version of you. With simplicity comes purity as simplicity drives out the toxicity we find in our situations and circumstances. The Coach Curl podcast is designed to provide you with a simple message to help you make the most of life.

The Vision

Tony and Sharon will work with you in helping you break the shackles of doubt, to break the chains holding you to the pain of the past, to exorcise the ghosts of yesterday and to help you establish the belief and behaviours today to build an incredible life.We work with you to create a compelling vision of you, and set you to work on a daily plan of intentional action to achieve your greatest you.

453 LaQuita Monley Foundations to Growth

Welcome to Episode 453 of The Today’s Leader Podcast. Most of you will know I am a certified Maxwell Leadership coach and I am always pleased to showcase fellow Maxwell Leadership coaches, so today is another one of these opportunities.

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450 Monday Mentoring – New Ways of Thinking

I have been re-reading the book “The Australian Leadership Paradox: What it takes to lead in the lucky country” by Geoff Aigner

I posted on social media this week, a key comment from one of the recommendations from the book.

“The Australian and…

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449 Monday Mentoring Communicating Change

One of the key aspects of change is communication. In fact, a model we used in a previous business had communication, communication, communication listed under every step

We know most people, do not like change. Even though it is an inescapable…

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447 Monday Mentoring – Set the Tone

The most important aspect of leadership can often be to set the tone. A positive, upbeat leader with a can-do attitude is more likely to gain followers than someone who delivers consistently negative messages. Even when things are bad, a leader with…

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445 Monday Mentoring – Be Visible

Another important aspect of communication is being visible

You may have heard saying like
– Management by walking around
– Haveing an open-door policy
– Morning standups
Video versions of…

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443 Monday Mentoring The Importance of Follow Up

One of the worst things can say to me, when things don’t go right, is the words – I told them.

What they are actually saying, is they couldn’t make it happen, but I did what I could do… I told them

Leadership is influence nothing more nothing…

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