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So You Want to Start a Podcast – Behind the Scenes of the Coach Curl Podcast

I have been asked often lately about starting a podcast. Todays Leader – The Coach Curl Podcast has now over 180 episodes and growing while my other podcasts The Dumb Leaders Podcast and my latest The Redlands Coast Business Show are all still fulfilling their aim and growing respective audiences.

This is a technical walk around and watching the recording of a podcast episode, to show the simplicity of what you can do. Don’t be fearful of not having the best equipment, you can record a perfectly good podcast using equipment you already have, although I do show some of the extended equipment and software I use.

In the Coach Curl Academy I have a program that is available to our gold level membership (or silver level Business membership) which walks through the formatting of the podcast, the theme and how to reach your target market. You can find out more on the Academy right here.

I hope you take the value I share and reach out and grab your podcast dreams. If I can be of any further support please feel free to book in a time.

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