#73 The Coach Curl Podcast – Learning from the Success Industry

Episode 73 – Coach Curl Podcast – Learning from the Success Industry

When we really want something and get caught into a group cult mentality, the decisions we make can often be regretted.

I really wanted a pair of running shoes I was unable to get anywhere, and made a dumb decision when that desire overcame my usual due diligence approach. The same thing happens at large scale events within the Success Industry

I have been to a number of large scale SUCCESS events in the last six months and see their formula for what it is, persuasion, and a constant appeal to the emotions and a constant sales message. Your life can be complete. Often centred on a keynote speaker of note like a Tony Robbins, Gary Vaynerchuck, John Maxwell and the like with fillers from the modern day equivilent of the snake-oil salesman. Contrastingly, they do offer value to participants and that’s why the fill rooms. Just make sure you do some due diligence. This podcast is about what I have observed in attending these events.

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