#64 The Coach Curl Podcast – Dispatching Your Inner Critic

Episode 64 of the Coach Curl Podcast – Dispatching Your Inner Critic

We all have our own inner critic. Telling us what we shouldn’t do, what we shouldn’t wear, not allowing us to share our gifts, not allowing ourselves to be our best version. Our brain is designed to protect us, keep us safe and keep us doing the things it sees we are good at. Staying safe. Our brain’s versions of success is different to ours. If you love food, it sees that, and it will allow you to eat yourself to death. After all you are good at it… the same applies for alcohol…. the same applies for drugs…. the same applies for social media addiction, , gaming, sitting on the couch. You’re good at, the brain sees that, you love it, the brain sees that, the brain keeps you safe doing the things that gives you hits.

Creative people fear resistance, they fear obstacles, it stops them in the tracks. The fear that no-one likes your stuff, that no-one will want to see your stuff, read your stuff, buy your stuff. It fronts up the inner critic to stop you in the tracks.

Coach Curl shows a simple way of acknowledging and dispatching the inner critic, sitting in the car park of Toowong Village, recording while the thought is fresh, this if raw just the way Coach Curl loves it.

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