329 Monday Mentoring – Trust in Your Preparation

Welcome to Monday Mentoring on The Today’s Leader Podcast, Building Tomorrow’s Best Leaders Today.

On our show 329 with Jeff Nischwitz we spoke in-depth around leadership including the problems associated with assuming trust in a relationship. Jeff shared his depthe of expertise in our conversation and if you missed this epsiodes please head back and tune in, the link is in the notes of this show.

Today I want to take the concept of trust and bring with it the key to your own self leadership.

Because when we trust within ourselves our belief and our confidence rises. We have seen this played out in the recent Olympics. The event that was most evident was in the marathon, where we saw Eliud Kipchoge, street the field on what can only be described as n incredibly tough conditions, high temps, and humidity. He finished 80 seconds ahead of the silver medallist. It was a major goal for Kipchoge and you could see during the race he was never unsettled, on stride, relaxed and when the time came to break away, he did so easily and completely.

Now is the time for you to take control of your leadership growth in this disruptive world we navigate. Our aim is to help you become the best leader you need to be today by providing you access to global leaders and experts.

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