255 – Leanne Wyvill – Self Awareness and Shared Outcomes

Welcome to Episode 255 of the Todays Leader. Over the last couple of episodes, we have visited amazing leaders in Papua New Guinea and from the White House, while today we are a little closer to home. A key figure in the Innovation and Communications space, Leanne Wyvill brings value to business and leaders right here from South East Queensland

Leanne helps teams work better together by boosting their communication confidence and capability. Drawing on my extensive experience in corporate communications, I support aspiring leaders and business teams that want cohesion, empathy, and professionalism to power their performance.

During our conversations she shares:

– The traits of leaders in the start-up space (this may surprise you)

– Her passion for developing great female leaders

– The role stressors play in team building 

And I also chip in with a tip from Leanne about a Kitchen Timer. What does that have to do with leadership?

Leanne can be contacted at her website at https://presencecommunications.com.au/

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