251 Ian Clough – Warmth, Empathy and Intent in Leadership

Welcome to 251 of The Today’s leader Podcast. Today is a real pleasure and an honor as I introduce you to Ian Clough. Ian is the Chairman of The Brian Bell Group, a major organization in Papua New Guinea. Ian’s leadership journey has been an inspiring one to say the least, while Sir Brian Bell, was his grandfather, Ian forged ultimately a national career with some of Australia’s leading retailers, and household names, Kmart, Bunnings, Coles Liquor, Coles, and target, forging his own career, before coming back to the family business.

During our conversation, Ian shared his beliefs around leadership and how important, traits like warmth and empathy are, shares an example of why intent in communication is so important, his future seeing with his correct tip on the Melbourne Storm winning the NRL Premiership, with of course Justin Olam, the PNG star in the Melbourne side.

Ian also spoke of the Sir Brian Bell Foundation and the work being done in that space supporting the PNG community. The pride and purpose in his voice are notable as he recites the many great programs, the foundation has brought to life in a very short time frame, and the ultimate good it is doing in PNG.

Connect with Ian through the Brian Bell Group https://www.brianbell.com.pg/

The Sir Brian Bell Foundation can be found at https://sirbrianbellfoundation.org.pg/

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