#218 Monday Mentoring Own Your Story, Don’t Let It Own You

Today I share a key point from the episode #217 where I spoke with the courageous Ria Story. Listen in here – https://coachcurl.com/217-ria-story-burning-brighter-because-of-the-flames/

Ria shared her journey from a sexually abused teenager to TedX Speaker and Author. She shared heaps of gold during the interview, and the one I mentor today is : “You must own your story or else your story owns you” Tune in for your Monday mentoring session, no matter what day of the week you listen in. Always valuable and always relevant

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Thanks for listening to our Monday Mentoring session today. I hope it will give you the momentum to reach out for your dreams. If you are looking for an extra boost, check out my online academy for access to over 75 programs to help you build a better mindset, enhance your leadership skills, and boost your business. You can trial it for just $1 for the first month at thecoachcurlacademy.com

Wherever you are, You are standing Stronger Braver and Wiser

Have yourself a successful and productive week and remember the golden rule – Don’t be an a-hole.

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