#214 Mack Story Authentic & Passionate Blue Collar Leadership

Welcome to #214. Today’s podcast should come with a warning. Strap yourself in and get ready for the ride. Mack Story is the man that stands behind the Blue-Collar leadership books and the brand phenomenon.  His background is blue-collar, his passion is blue-collar, everything about him in blue-collar. His mission is to improve and support the frontline, entry-level workforce.

His purpose is clear and he understands more than anyone else, that if you improve your frontline, you lift the bottom line. His passion flows through in everything he says, and as I said you are in for a ride. We dissect leadership, his work with lean principles, his own personal journey, and shift to become the role model he has become.

His major influences are shared with Dr Stephen Covey and John Maxwell front and centre.

Mack can be contacted at https://mackstory.com/

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